About Durno & Shea


About Us

Durno and Shea is a Real Estate and Estate Planning law firm. We assist clients with some of the most stressful and emotional transactions of their lives. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible care, support and legal representation throughout these transactions. We utilize our experience and expertise to achieve this goal. 

Durno and Shea Professional Corporation is a boutique law firm specializing in residential Real Estate, Wills and Estate Law.

History of the firm

Durno and Shea was established in 1974 by our founding partners, Robert Durno and Michael Shea. The two partners began as a full service firm practicing everything from Criminal Law to Real Estate Law. However, they eventually narrowed their focus and began specializing in only Real Estate and Estate Planning Law. This shift in focus and specialization is what gave rise to the firm as it is known today. Robert Durno and Michael Shea’s vision was to create a firm that provided clients with individual attention and services personalized to their needs. They understood that every real estate and estate transaction is different and requires a unique approach. It is a vision and understanding that continues to guide the firm to this day.